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MONTON bearing a main manufacturers leader of high precision bearings in China was established in 2001 locate in Luoyang--Ancient Imperial Capital and Peony Flower City,we specialized in the bearing production research and development  more than 20 years , focus on the development of "High-tech, High precision, Advancing, customized" bearings development .MONTON  covers an area of of 35000 sq.m., building area of 20000 sq.m., including  office area 3000 sq.m., research and development center of 500 sq.m., and  international marketing & reception center 2000sq.m.Our mission is to provide customers with complete solution, including design and development, manufacturing, testing and evaluation, and excellent after-sales service.The factory is located in the Bearing Industry Park of Yiyang County, Luoyang City, Henan Province.

MONTON bearing mainly produce high precision angular contact ball bearing, ball screw support bearing,Low temperature bearing,High speed motor bearings, military thin section ball bearing,special high precision bearing, crossed roller bearing,harmonic drive bearing,thrust bearing stack,Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearing, military thin section ball bearing,tandem bearing,cylindrical roller bearing, customized bearing and bearings parts, The bearing accuracy at P5/P4/P2 level, rolling elements from φ1mm to 160mm, precision degree I,II.We Contributions  to important scientific research projects of several well-known universities, including Henan University of Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Harbin Institute of Technology, Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing traffic University, and China Petroleum etc.

We produce bearings and parts with inner diameter of 1.5mm to an outer diameter of 3000mm.  Our products have been widely used in important industrial fields such as CNC machine tools, high-speed spindles, precision measurement instruments, oil drilling, petrochemicals,Cryogenic pump, FANUC/Siemens motors, mining metallurgy, port machinery, medical equipment, extruder gearbox, Cement roller press, vertical mill, rocker arm, textiles equipment, paper mill,robotics, harmonic drive, concrete mixer trucks, steel mills, rolling mills,Wind Power,Continuous casting mill, UAV, Air Compressor,Tension levelers,LIDAR systems,missile tracking camera ,aerospace, etc.

Our company have very good products quality guarantee equipment, key equipment and instrumentation are imported or design special equipment for special procedure by us. Main instrumentation is Japan ACCRETECH, TAYLOR,ZEISS Germany etc. Established precision bearing product testing laboratory, we can test bearing performance and life,Passed ISO9001 quality system certification, with an annual production capacity of 1 million sets of various precision bearings.

MONTON owns CNC lathes, machining centers, CNC grinding machines, and ultra precision equipment more than 160 sets. 10 CNC lathes, 65 CNC precision grinding machines, and 1set 4-axis machining center. 2 sets Ultrasonic cleaning line and equipment,2 sets tempering and stabilizing furnaces,1set heat treatment furnace1sets low temperature stabilization equipment and vacuum equipment,8 production lines of automatic assembly.Inspection equipment include  Mitotoyo Japan Contour,roundness measuring instrument,hardness tester,coordinate measuring instrument,  length measuring instrument,vibration measuring instrument,contact angle goniometer,Bearing convexity value measuring instrument,hardness tester,Metallographic tissue measuring instrument,Clearance measuring instrument,height measuring instrument,Inner diameter outer diameter and rotation accuracy measuring instrument etc.

We have more than 140 employees, including 10 technical persons and 25 inspection persons. There are 5 persons with a master's degree, 25 persons with bachelor's degree, and 30 with vocational degree currently .

With advanced production equipment and perfect testing technology, MONTON can guarantee the quality and accuracy of the products we produced. Our technical department can efficiently complete the bearing design according to customer needs, and customers who need non-standard bearings can also enjoy customized services. Our quality system regularly monitors various production facilities and complies with strict quality requirements. All material certificates and certification reports are kept in files. Products are traceable and can be provided on request. Therefore, we are confident to provide the best solutions for global customers. Our company can design non-standard bearings and special application bearings for customer, as well as customized products with samples!

We are innovative, motivated and courageous to provide our customers with necessary solutions. Our management and employees are always ready to provide professional and personalized services to our customers. In the future, MONTON will adhere to the brand development strategy, strengthen the research and development of high-end products, strive to build a digital factory, and join hands with more partners to work together for a better future!


Company spirit: Honesty, Trustworthiness and Mutual benefit;

Company policy: Quality-oriented;

Company Business philosophy: Honesty,fulfill promise;

Company principle: Solve problems for customers and prioritize customer service at first.

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