Precision bearing comprehensive service for you

Monton Comprehensive Technical Service of Bearings



We have a complete range of bearing comprehensive technical supporting capacity in the bearing industry of China and reach the leading world level in many disciplines. We provide comprehensive advisory services in bearing industry for the state's important decision-making departments. We also offer comprehensive technical solutions with respect to bearing selection, design, material, inspection, test, process equipment, training, etc. for bearing and related industries.

➣Bearing product R&D and analysis;

➣Bearing material and heat treatment technology;

➣Bearing life and reliability technology;

➣Bearing inspection testing technical solutions;

➣Bearing process and equipment technology;

➣Bearing performance test technology and failure analysis;

➣Bearing dynamic performance analysis and test study;

➣Cooperation to jointly build a nationally recognized bearing testing and measurement laboratory and product R&D center;

➣Drafting and amendment of bearing standards, formulating technical conditions;

➣License or transfer of patented technologies;

➣Training for bearing technicians and mechanics.