What is crossed roller bearing?

Among the crossed roller bearings, cylindrical rollers are arranged perpendicular to each other through spacers on a V-shaped groove rolling surface at 90 degree, so the crossed roller bearing could bear multi-direction loads, such as radial load, axial load and moment load. Miniaturized inner ring and outer rings’ size, the extremely thin form nearly close to small size. And it has high rigidity, so it very reasonable for joints of industrial robots and rotary parts, rotary of mechanism center, mechanism rotary arm, precision rotary table, medical equipment, calculators, IC manufacturing equipment and other equipment.

Due to perpentical crossed cylindrical rollers has isolation spacers, prevent cylindrical tilt and cylindrical rollers friction, reduced the rotation torque. Othewise, compared with steel plate holder, there will be no edge stress concentration or locking of the rollers. At the same time, inner ring or outer ring is two-part structure, the clearnace of the slewing bearing could be adjusted, even if preload is applied, it also could rotate highly precision and steady.

The application of high precision crossed roller slewing bearings

Machine tool : turret indexing、index plate、loader.

Robot : rotation、joint drive parts.

Semi-conductor manufacturing equipment : handling robot、examination platform.

LCD manufacturing equipment: handling robot、inspection platform、photosensitive application roller drive.

Printer : photosensitive application roller drive.

 crossed roller slewing bearings