What is TC Bearing?


TC bearing is a sliding bearing for down-hole hostile environment, which has been successfully applied in positive displacement motor and turbo drill,In some down-hole tools with rotary dynamic seal modes, such as high-speed light-load rotor system composed of continuous wave pulse generator, etc. For measurement while drilling, magnetic coupling is combined with Tc bearing to replace traditional dynamic seal in order to overcome the disadvantage  of extremely short service life of the rubber parts among dynamic seal components in the hostile environment. However, the bit teeth contacting with the  strata intermittently, etc. cause very serious vibration and impact, stability of the rotor system with Tc bearing is higher. In the paper, fluid dynamic pressure  lubrication theory is regarded as the foundation for analyzing Tc bearing working principle, thereby improving its surface structure, enhancing its sand removal  function and heightening stability of the rotor system.


TC bearing inlaid with a hard alloy piece. The internal and the external friction surfaces contacted with an internal and an external sleeves are lined with a plurality of hard alloy pieces which are arranged in a definite geometric shape; the hard alloy pieces are sintered on the internal and the external friction surfaces of the internal and the external sleeves through casting tungsten carbide and copper nickel alloy. The radial bearing inlaid with the hard alloy piece has the advantages that the radial bearing inlaid with the hard alloy piece can be used for occasions having adverse environmental conditions and requiring long service life, and the radial bearing inlaid with the hard alloy piece has high reliability. The radial bearing inlaid with the hard alloy piece can be used for a pin drilling tool in petroleum artesian well, which shows the advantages that other bearings can not replace; the average working life of the radial bearing inlaid with the hard alloy piece can reach more than 350 hours. 


The TC bearing is one of the key parts of the screw drill and mainly plays a role of centering a transmission shaft, so the TC bearing is also called a radial centering bearing. The TC bearing mainly comprises a movable sleeve and a static sleeve, the movable sleeve is fixed on a transmission shaft, the static sleeve is connected with a transmission shaft shell, and a certain gap is formed between the movable sleeve and the static sleeve, so that slurry can pass through the gap conveniently for cooling and lubricating. The TC bearings are mainly subject to the effects of erosion of slurry fluid, abrasive wear of slurry sand, and application of side loads when operating, and therefore there are two main failure states of TC: firstly, abrasion and erosion of carcass binder phase; secondly, the contact surface of the movable sleeve and the static sleeve bears thermal fatigue due to the action of lateral load, so that the alloy block is cracked and falls off.


TC Bearing  also known as 'Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearing'.TC Bearingused as antifriction bearing for downhole motor.The TC bearing comprises a cylindrical body and a hard alloy wear resistant layer sintered on the inner surface or outer surface of the body. The hard alloy wear resistant layer is formed by sintering of hard alloy pellets, cast tungsten carbide powder and a copper based alloy. The TC bearing can prepared by the processes of steel jacket preparation, mixing, filling, vibration, furnace brazing, rough turning, coarse grinding,

finish turning, and accurate grinding. The TC bearing provided by the invention uses hard alloy pellets to replace hard alloy strips, thus enhancing the coverage rate of the wear resistant layer up to more than 90%, greatly improving the erosion resistance of the product, and reducing the friction resistance. The service life of the TC bearing is up to 350-450 hours.

Tungsten Carbide radial bearing is the important part of downhole mud motor. The hard alloy covering rate reach to more than 55%.


Products size The normal sizes are as below:

43mm(1 11/16"), 54mm(2 1/8")

60mm( 2 3/8"), 73mm(2 7/8")

89mm(3 1/2"), 95mm(3 3/4")

120mm(4 3/4"), 165mm(6 1/2")

172mm( 6 3/4"), 178mm(7")

185mm(7 1/8"), 197mm(7 3/4")

203mm(8"), 244mm(9 5/8")

286mm(11 1/4")



1. Increased Bearing Life

2. Reduced Operational Costs

3. Improved Mud Motor Performance

4. Enhanced Drilling Accuracy

5. Unsurpassed Quality Standards


1. Use 100% tungsten carbide raw material

2. Stable chemical properties

3. Excellent performance and good wear / corrosion resistance

4. HIP sintering, good compactness

5. Blanks, high machining accuracy / precision

6. OEM customized sizes available

7. Factorys offer

8. Strict products quality inspection

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