CARB toroidal roller bearings

The CARB toroidal roller bearing is a completely new type of radial roller bearing.This compact self-aligning roller bearing was developed by us and introduced on the market in 1995. In a unique design, it combines the self-aligning capability of the spherical roller bearing with the unconstrained axial displacement ability of the cylindrical roller bearing.

It can also have the compact cross section normally associated with the needle roller bearing.

The applicability of CARB bearings covers a wide range with regard to radial loads. They are intended exclusively as non-locating bearings and as such they are excellent with their combination of self-aligning and axial displacement properties, opening up completely new opportunities to save space, weight and production costs. By deliberately displacing the rings axially with respect to each other, it is possible to accurately set the radial internal clearance in the bearing. 

CARB bearings permit smaller and lighter bearing arrangement designs, offering the same or improved performance in a particularly impressive manner, e.g. in planetary gearboxes.

They simplify the bearing arrangement design for long shafts that are subjected to temperature variations. When using CARB bearings, it has also been proven that vibration levels are reduced, e.g. in paper machines or fans.

The CARB bearing is a single row bearing with long, slightly crowned symmetrical rollers.

The raceways of both the inner and outer rings are concave and situated symmetrically about

the bearing centre. The attained optimal combination of both raceway profiles provides a favourable load distribution in the bearing, as well as low frictional running.

The rollers of the CARB bearing are selfguiding, i.e. they will always adopt the position where the load is evenly distributed over the roller length – irrespective of whether the inner ring is axially displaced and/or misaligned with respect to the outer ring.

The load carrying capacity of the CARB bearing is very high even when it has to compensate for angular misalignment or axial displacement.

This results in an operationally reliable bearing arrangement with long service life. 

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