angular contact bearings with TYN cage

The majority of angular contact bearings use phenolic type cages and these are exceptional good for a wide range of conditions and particularly for high-speed since they are outer ring located. However, there are advantages to using TYN cages in certain applications, particularly in grease lubrication.

TYN is a polyamide material and this cage is designed to be ball guided.


Reduced Cage Noise

In certain applications cage noise can occur in grease lubricated bearings. This is due to friction between the ballsurface and the cage guide surface; this can be particularly noticed in cold conditions. The TYN cage

design eliminates this due to the very low friction quality of the material and good vibration absorption characteristics as well as improvements in the cage shape. 

The test data left shows the comparison of the Phenolic and Polyamide cage:

Longer Grease Life – Shorter ‘Running In’ Time Grease life is longer because there is more internal space for the grease to collect in and because the grease can clear the rotating parts more quickly, the running in time is reduced.

Cage Guiding Contact:

More grease space with TYN. Less grease pushed out of bearing, therefore, longer life. Shorter running in time compared to Phenolic and more stable temperature characteristics.

Higher Strength

The TYN material has both higher bending and tensile strength. TYN cages can be used up to a speed of 1.4Mdmn. (Mean bearing diameter in mm X speed in rpm.)

This covers most grease lubricated applications. Above 1.4Mdmn phenolic cage should be selected.

Examples of Designation:

7014CTYNDULP3 (Standard Precision)

70BNR10TYNDULP3 (High-Speed Precision)