Monton bearing official homepage

Welcome visit our new website. It includes a mobile version.You can visit it by input on mobile device or scam QR code displayed on bottom part of PC Website.

Our new website newly added complete production selection system. You can choose the bearing according to bearing number or boundary dimension&other technical diameter or input product kind name etc.

Monton bearing is mainly engaged in the production of the angular contact ball bearing,precision crossd roller bearing,the section ball bearing,cylindrical roller bearing,spherical roller bearing,thrust roller ball bearings and harmonic drives and the customer made non-standard bearings.Our products have been widely used for machine tools,weapon,mining,metallurgy,port machinery,medical treatment,cement,oil drilling,textile,industrial robots,papermaking machinery,concrete mixer truck,rolling mill and the national defense industry field.

Look forward to better serve you at the sound quality , competitive price and considerable service.