MONTON joined 2021 China LNG&GAS international exhibition shanghai

Actively promote the development of the domestic LNG industry, diversify the energy system, improve the optimal development of energy resources, and promote exchanges and cooperation between domestic and foreign energy companies. Since 2015, Langfang International Pipeline Exhibition Co., Ltd. and DMG Events have jointly organized the China International LNG&GAS Summit and Exhibition, which has been successfully held for 6 sessions.

The summit combines high-end conferences with corporate displays. After several years of development, from LNG to the entire gas field, it covers transportation energy, gas storage facilities, tank container logistics, trade and application and other topics, and has developed into China LNG An excellent platform for communication between the industry and international companies, gathering a large number of leading companies in the industry chain, providing you with opportunities for face-to-face communication and cooperation with industry development decision makers.

The China International LNG&GAS Summit and Exhibition launch at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on June 23-25, 2021, with more forms, larger scales and richer content, providing you with insight into the future development direction of the industry and developing global business , The expansion of investment strategy provides assistance.

MONTON products on the fair :




LNG Pump Bearings

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) pumps are used for receiving and discharging LNG to road tankers and storage tanks. For these applications the bearing operating conditions are very tough, as the temperature can reach -162°C, and the bearing must run without external lubrication. MONTON has designed a new bearing, LNG Pump Bearings, to cope with these demanding performance requirements.

The fair show :





We sincerely invite you to participate!