BSBD-Series Ball Screw Support Bearings advantage

Ball Screw Support Bearings - BSBD-Series

Modern machine tools require ball screws that can accurately position a work piece or machine component, quickly and efficiently.

BSF/BSN Series ball screw support bearings are designed to meet these demanding requirements.

Product Features

• 60° contact angle bearing

• Double row

• Low friction contact lip seal

• Greased

• Relubrication facilities

• Mounting holes (BSF only) for mounting directly onto machinery

• Extraction groove (BSF only) to remove bearing from machine

• BSF set screws plug relubrication holes to prevent contamination


• Supports large axial forces

• Supports axial load in 2 directions

• Sealing characteristic (low friction- and heat generation)

• Greased for life

• Relubrication of bearing during operation if required

• Installation ready

• Preload already set and achieved when lock nut is tightened

Condition Description

• Fitting

• High Accuracy

• High Load

• High Temperature

• Lubrication


• Machine Tools 

• Print 

• Woodworking