Titanium Bearings Applications

The titanium Bearings applications:

• Engine Hangers

• Landing Gear

• Trunnion

• Flight Control

• Helicopter Rotor Head

• Reverse Thrust Mounts

• Duct Support Bearings

• Gear Box Support

Aerospace Bearings use a variety of titanium plain spherical bearings, rod end bearings, and

journal bearings.

Featured in applications throughout the aerospace and defense industry, these bearings are proven for use in engine hangers, trunnion bearings, helicopter rotor head bearings, landing gear bearings, and a

variety of additional customengineered solutions.

Titanium has excellent inherent corrosion resistance due to a thin oxide surface film, eliminating the need for cadmium plating; unlike other materials such as 4340 steel.

This results in a much “greener” product. Titanium is especially resistant to salt solutions, making it an ideal material for sea water applications.