Interpretation of Cryogenic bearings by manufacturers : the difference between low-temperature bearings and ordinary bearings

Low temperature bearings are not relative to high temperature bearings. Low temperature resistant bearings do not only meet the requirements for normal operation in low temperature environments, but also require the reduction of frictional heat generation during operation and maintain a long-term operation during a low temperature state. This type of bearing is the low-temperature bearing. Then, editor from Monton Bearing will introduce the difference between low-temperature bearings and ordinary bearings.

1、Different material technology

Low temperature bearings are made of special materials and processed through special structural design according to JB/T1460-2002 Technical Conditions for Heat Treatment of High Carbon Chromium Stainless Steel Rolling Bearing Parts. Ordinary bearings are generally divided into raw material forging, heat treatment, grinding, and assembly. There are differences in production process requirements and specific parameter standards between the two.

2, the production of different materials

Low temperature bearings are commonly made of stainless bearing steel 9Cr18 and 9Cr18Mo materials. Materials can be selected according to GB/T3086-1982 Technical Conditions for High Carbon Chromium Stainless Bearing Steel, or materials such as beryllium bronze and ceramics can be used for manufacturing. Ordinary bearings have materials such as bearing steel, stainless steel, alloys, plastics, ceramics, etc. Compared to low-temperature bearings, their material selection is more extensive. The heat generation and low temperature resistance of materials are different.

3, different operating temperatures

The working temperature of low-temperature resistant bearings is below minus 60 degrees Celsius, and some bearing materials can still work normally at a working temperature of -253 ℃. The specific temperature will be given separately according to the working conditions, and its low-temperature resistance performance is better than that of ordinary bearings. Ordinary bearings usually operate normally at room temperature and have weak resistance to low temperatures. They may experience poor operation when encountering low temperatures. 

4, the friction coefficient is different

The friction coefficient of low-temperature bearings is lower. In order to reduce the occurrence of friction heating during operation, the friction coefficient of low-temperature bearings is generally lower, and they can still maintain low temperature during long-term operation. However, ordinary bearings operate at room temperature, allowing for a certain degree of temperature increase, so there are no strict requirements for the friction coefficient. 

5, different types of lubrication

Low temperature bearings usually choose bearing lubricating oil with lower viscosity rather than lubricating grease. The main reference standard is to see the pour point of the lubricating oil. For example, if the pour point is less than -40 degrees, it can be used at minus 40 degrees. Therefore, low-temperature bearings also have requirements for the low-temperature resistance of the lubricating oil. In the lubrication process of ordinary bearings, lubricating grease or oil can be reasonably selected according to specific needs, with a wider range of selection.

6, different application areas

Low temperature bearings are mainly used in various liquid pumps, such as liquefied natural gas pumps, liquid nitrogen (hydrogen, oxygen) pumps, butane pumps, liquid pumps for rockets and missiles, spacecraft, etc. Ordinary bearings can be used for the composition of mechanical equipment, machine tool spindles, and various mechanical spare parts joints.  

Above is the introduction of low-temperature bearings and the difference between ordinary bearings collate by Monton editorial, relative to ordinary bearings, low-temperature bearings for the production of technical requirements are higher, and we Luoyang Monton bearings in the production of low-temperature bearings have a wealth of experience and meet the liquefied natural gas pumps, liquefied petroleum gas pumps, and other low-temperature equipment bearings,If needed, please feel free to call us for consultation and understanding.