Related equipment used in low-temperature bearing ring forging


Forging is one of the main manufacturing processes for low-temperature bearing rings, which inevitably requires many forging related equipment, including air hammers, crank presses, rolling machines, forging heating furnaces, etc. And these devices have also become indispensable configurations in the forming process of bearing rings. What are their respective functions?

Firstly, Let's talk about an air hammer, which is a device composed of a working part, a power transmission part, a control part, and a body. When the crankshaft rotates, it can compress or expand the air in the compression cylinder. The air passes through the air passage and control valve between the working cylinder and the compression cylinder, and enters the upper or lower chambers of the working cylinder to control the movement of the hammer rod. It is mainly used to produce small batches Larger low-temperature bearing ring products.

The crank press is driven by an electric motor, which rotates the crankshaft through a pulley. The crankshaft's crank drives the slider to move up and down through the connecting rod, thus carrying out work. It is mainly responsible for the forging of ring forgings. The rolling machine is used to complete the ring rolling process; The forging heating furnace is relatively easy to understand, mainly for heating low-temperature bearing rings to ensure their quality.

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