Tandem thrust bearing ST16050413/C.100.038.

Tandem thrust bearing ST16050413/C.100.038.

Tandem thrust bearing  ST16050413/C.100.038.
  • Tandem thrust bearing  ST16050413/C.100.038.
  • Tandem thrust bearing  ST16050413/C.100.038.
  • Tandem thrust bearing  ST16050413/C.100.038.
  • Tandem thrust bearing  ST16050413/C.100.038.
  • Bearing:ST16050413C.100.038.
  • d:
  • D:
  • H:
  • Weight:
  • Application:Twin extruder gearbox
  • Origin:China
  • Delivery:35 days
  • Price:Ask
  • Packing:Wooden case
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Zambello  BC180-XPS-P Twin screw extruder gearbox

Tandem thrust bearing  ST16050413/C.100.038.

Tandem thrust bearing  ST16050413/C.100.038.

Tandem Thrust bearings are also known as “multi-stage thrust” bearings. Tandem Thrust bearings are comprised of "stages" which include precision ground and matched thrust plates. These bearings also include compression sleeves separated by cylindrical roller assemblies. This design enables the Tandem Thrust bearings to provide a solution in a radial restricted envelope. The bearings are available in multiple stages, 2-8 to accommodate your design requirements. Depending on your preference, these bearings are available in a wide variety of sizes and options.

Tandem Thrust Bearings can receive heavy load in a limited space and support firmly in the direction of axis and last long with low frictional power. In addition, these bearings are moved by oil lubrication. Also these tandem thrust bearings are used principally in gear boxes for single & twin screw extruders in the rubber and plastic industries.


1.Twin screw Extruder gearbox 

2.Deep hole drilling machine

3.Friction welding machines

4.parellel Twin screw extruder

5.Pipe laying machines

6.Oil pressing machine

7. polystyrene foam plates extruder

Zambello Gearboxes for co-rotating twin-screw extruders

Zambello group covers the following types of products:

gearboxes for single-screw extruders,

gearboxes for co-rotating twin-screw extruders,

gearboxes for counter-rotating parallel twin-screw extruders,

gearboxes for counter-rotating conical twin-screw extruders,

gearboxes for injection moulding machines and

special gearboxes, always with helical gears,

for applications in the extrusion and mixing field.

Gearboxes for single-screw extruders

The ZPE series for single-screw extruders confirms Zambello’s position on the world top level as to the transmissible torque as referred to weight and dimension of the gearbox. The series of this range are absolutely complete and go from the smallest gearbox, of size 90 (for extruders with 25/30 mm screw diameter) up to gearboxes of size 630 (for big extruders with 300/400 mm screw diameter).

Gearboxes for co-rotating twin-screw extruders

ZT Range – With a transmissible torque density up to 14 Nm/cm3 per per shaft, the gearboxes of the ZT RANGE are designed for a wide range of applications and requirements, starting from the typical applications for revolutions of 300 to max. 900 rpm. to where lower revolution rates from 25 to max 200 rpm (ZT2, ZT3 series).The range is available for center distances from 24 mm to 200 mm. On request, also bigger versions can be provided.

Gearboxes for counter-rotating conical twin-screw extruders

As a completion of the range of gearboxes for counter-rotating extruders, Zambello proposes the new ZC3 gearboxes for conical twin-screw extruders.

This new series is available in entire range both in vertical and horizontal versions, as shown in the catalogue B1-14.

The essential feature of these gearboxes consists in also having grinded conical gears in class AGMA 2015 – DIN 4. Like the entire range of Zambello, also the gearboxes for twin-screw conical extruders of series ZC3 are distinguished by an extremely high transmissible torque.

twin-screw extruders  Gearbox Applications

The strong specialization, wide range of products, huge investments of the property and continuous improvements aimed at obtaining a reliable, competitive and very high quality product are some of the reasons that have led the major world manufacturers of extrusion lines to be partners of Zambello Group. Through them, Zambello single screw and twin screw gearboxes are used in the most varied applications of the plastics industry, and not only. These applications are used both in traditional fields (automotive, construction, agriculture, medical and pharmaceutical sectors, etc.) with extrusion lines blow film, cast film, blow moulding, pipe and profile, sheet, thermoforming, compounding, master batch, recycling and in order to support the most recent productions in the fields of feed and bio fuel and chemical and petrochemical industries.