Crossed roller bearings advantages

Crossed roller bearings  are bearings for high precision applications, whose main dimensions correspond to the ISO dimension with very small section height in accordance with DIN 616. They comprise

outer rings, inner rings, rolling elements and plastic spacers.

The outer ring is split in the circumferential direction and is held together by three sheet metal retaining rings . The cylindrical rollers correspond to DIN 5402 and are in an X arrangement with each other on the raceways. The bearings are very rigid, have high running accuracy and are supplied with normal clearance, low clearance or preload.

Bearings with preload have the suffix VSP, while bearings with low clearance have the suffix . The bearing outer rings are easily fixed to the adjacent construction using clamping rings.


1.Crossed roller bearings are suitable, due to their high running accuracy, as bearings for high precision applications (such as those in robots,machine tools, handling systems, precision mechanical and medical devices, vehicle components)

2.Crossed roller bearings correspond in their main dimensions to the ISO dimension with very small section height.

3.Crossed roller bearings can support axial forces in both directions, radial loads, tilting moments and any combination of loads.

4.Crossed roller bearings usually allow designs with two bearing positions to be replaced by one bearing position.

5.Crossed roller bearings are very rigid (they can be supplied with normal clearance,clearance-free or preloaded).

6.Crossed roller bearings are suitable for compressive and suspended arrangements.

7.Crossed roller bearings are always a good choice for a technically and economically leading bearing solution if compact and easy-to-fit rolling bearings with high tilting moment carrying capacity and rigidity, with uniform

running free from stick-slip, low rotational resistance as well as high axial and radial runout accuracy are required in only one bearing position.

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