Cryogenic bearings in the use of common problems and maintenance methods

Low temperature bearings, not high temperature bearings, can work at high temperatures, but the use of a unique material and structure to reduce the coefficient of friction, reducing the friction generated by the heat, so that the bearings in the long-term operation, is still in a low-temperature state. Bearings that operate below -60 degrees Celsius are low temperature bearings. They are suitable for all kinds of liquid air pumps, such as liquid nitrogen pumps, liquid nitrogen pumps, butane pumps, rocket missile liquid pumps, space shuttles and so on. So what are the common problems of cryogenic bearings in use? Today I summarized, look at it together!

Cryogenic bearings in the use of common problems

1. In the low temperature conditions, the bearing jamming phenomenon, the external reason is the temperature change, the internal is the shaft, frame and the material of the thermal expansion coefficient is different. In a larger temperature range, the contraction rate of different materials will be different, resulting in a smaller gap and jamming. For equipment used in a wide range of applications, including in low-temperature environments, expansion rates must be calculated and materials with similar expansion coefficients must be used whenever possible.

2. In the structural design, it is necessary to avoid a structure that uses a tapered bearing at each end of the shaft, a structure in which the longer the distance between the two bearings, the greater the likelihood of jamming. If one end of the shaft is installed with a pair of tapered bearings, the axial movement of the shaft as the positioning of the shaft, the axial movement of the shaft is constrained, the other end of the shaft with rolling bearings, the brake radial force, in the axial direction can be with the axial temperature in a certain range of axial movement.

3. In the use of cryogenic bearings, pay attention to improper lubrication caused by burns, so choose the appropriate lubricant.

Maintenance method of cryogenic bearings

1. Choose the right paint

In the use of cryogenic bearings, must choose solvent-free paint, and to choose the paint does not contain oxidizer, so that in the use of the time, it will be safer, if you are using other paint, we must take into account the specific use of the environment and temperature, only in the right place, in order to play a very good effect.

2, do a good job of routine maintenance

Usually in the use of ultra-low temperature bearings should try to do a good job of daily maintenance, because any one person in the use of the time, only when you can put these daily maintenance work can be fully to do a good job, and then can play a more important role, so any case, we must be able to put the daily maintenance work can be more in place, and really think about it! The situation.

3, pay attention to the service life

Ultra-low temperature bearings have a certain service life, if the use of this life, try to replace, do not want to use the time longer, and then do not go to the replacement, this method is actually very wrong. Useful life to this or that kind of problem is easy to appear, but if we are completely ignorant of these problems, no further processing, but will affect the subsequent application, so we need to have knowledge of these.

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