Downhole motor

Downhole motor

PDC and TC (Tungsten carbide) Radial Bearing is used as antifriction bearing for downhole motor, which is widely used in oilfield service companies & downhole motor factories. We have three different types includes PDC radial bearing,PDC thrust bearing,Tungsten Carbide Tile Bearing,Tungsten Carbide Grain Bearing and Tungsten Carbide Disc Bearing,from size 54 to size 286 for your choice (a total of 14 size).


The specifications:φ124 xφ80 x H26 φ148 xφ91.5 x H26 PDC bearings have high resistance to grinding and can operate at high temperatures (currently at a maximum temperature of 233 ° C) and can withstand large axial loads. PDC materials have a low friction coefficient and are not affected by natural or mud chemicals present in the well. Each pair of PDC thrust bearings consists of an upper ring and a lower ring, and each bearing ring contains a cemented carbide ring and a PDC cutter.


Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) radial bearings are comprised of a series of PCD inserts assembled (usually by brazing) in carrier rings. A typical PCD radial bearing set includes a rotating and stationary bearing ring. These two rings oppose each other with the PCD surface on the inside diameter of one ring in direct contact with the PCD surface on the outside diameter of the mating ring. PCD Bearings prides itself in its ability to precisely shape polycrystalline diamond. This has allowed Bearings to provide PCD radial bearings that have accurate diameters, tight clearance tolerances, and ultra-fine surface finishes. During operation, the PCD surfaces of the rotating and stationary rings rub against each other. This rubbing contact exhibits very low friction (typically between 0.01 and 0.05).The ultra-high hardness and strength of PCD allows Bearings' radial bearings to sustain very high loads during operation. In addition, they wear at a very low rate, resulting in the PCD bearings lasting from 1000 hours to many years, depending on the application. These PCD inserts also utilize the highest quality steel grade available. PCD radial bearings are ideally suited for process-fluid-lubricated applications, particularly those where abrasive particles are present in the fluid. The PCD surfaces maintain their geometry and exhibit minimal wear in the presence of these abrasive-laden fluids.


Our PDC and TC (Tungsten carbide) Radial Bearing advatages are as the following:


1) Highly resistant to abrasion, erosion, corrosion, and mechanical failure

2) Extremely resistant to chipping, cracking, and flaking which are inherent problems in cladding or welded overlay processes

3) High heat conductivity eliminates thermal cracking

4) Proprietary design eliminates catastrophic downhole radial bearing failure

5) Carbide tile and matrix design ensures extended life compared to cladding or welded overlay designs

6) Inner and outer components can be reconditioned.

7) The hardness of body surface can reach 30-37 HRC.


PDC Thrust bearing


Diamond bearing PDC Thrust bearing are widely used for turbo drills and mud motors,we can supply the size from 1inch to 10inch in diameter with good quality and best price.


1.Product Introduction of PDC Thrust bearing


PDC Thrust Bearing is widely used in turbo drills,mud motors and other oil field applications. We have two different types includes PDC radial bearing and PDC thrust bearing.Compared with tungsten carbide bearing,The PDC bearing has longer working life,its life is 4-10 times longer than tungsten carbide bearing, meanwhile it can also bear the increased load capacity.


2.Product Specification of PDC Thrust bearing


The bearings are available in size from 1inch to 10inch in diameter.


We can make PDC Radial bearing and PDC Thrust bearing as your specific drawings or samples.


3.Production Feature and Application of PDC Thrust bearing


High Hardness


High wear resistance


High corrosion resistance


Longer service life


widely used in turbo drills, mud motors and many other oil field applications.


PDC bearing Diamond bearing PDC Thrust bearing  φ124 xφ80 x H26 φ148 xφ91.5 x H26

PDC bearing Diamond bearing PDC Thrust bearing  φ124 xφ80 x H26 φ148 xφ91.5 x H26