Hdd Drilling Technology

Hdd Drilling Technology

Horizontal directional drilling (HDD method) is a way to lay various underground communications by the trenchless technology. Using this method, the surface of landscape remains intact, including beautification features, roadway, building and constructions. Currently several proven techniques of horizontal directional drilling are developed and frequently used in order to reduce the costs of communications laying and preservation of the objects above the ground.

Horizontal directional drilling

When using the HDD method, the cost of similar works can be reduced by 2-3 times. If it is not possible to lay communications on the landscape on traditional way, the soil puncturing method is applied.

The method of horizontal directional drilling is used for various purposes:

Laying of pipelines, gas lines, electric cables and other communication lines for buildings.

Formation of wells for oil and minerals extraction.

Replacement of old communications and equipment.

Arrangement of underground highways.

Besides the demand for technology, HDD provides certain advantages:

Destructions on the surface are minimized (it is needed to dig only 2 basins).

It is required a small team of 3-5 people to carry out the work.

The equipment for drilling is mobile, it is easily delivered and installed at the work site.

HDD method allows to equip communications more quickly and cheaper, so that the technology has gained a huge popularity everywhere.