Special Applications

Special Applications

Custom Special Bearings

Special Dimension Bearings

We  can supply special bearings of all types including those with integral shafts that help reduce the tolerance buildup of mating components. Our engineers have designed bearings in a variety of configurations, special geometry, advanced lubrication, and high tech materials.

We can also provide precision assemblies manufactured to our customers' specific requirements. Other special bearings too numerous to catalog can be supplied such as:

Wire guide bearings with a radius (U Groove Bearings) or V grooves (V Groove Bearings) on the outer diameter

Bearings with split inner or split outer race (to control axial movement)

Spherical outer diameter bearings

Gyroscope quality bearings

Full ball complement bearings

Flush ground bearing pairs

Custom Bearings

The heart of Monton Bearings is our ability to work with our customers on unique designs and applications. Since we provide only precision devices and related products, we are truly the precision bearing experts. Our team of design engineers and specialists offers more than a century of combined expertise.

We'll be happy to come to your facilities. We invite you to visit ours. Together we can create cost-efficient solutions to your most demanding specs, often with tolerances measured in millionths of an inch.

Our technical laboratory is equipped with the most up-to-date precision instruments and computerized equipment to evaluate bearing applications quickly and effectively. The unique "monton Bearing Analysis System" evaluates bearings from several perspectives, including load and speed requirements and environmental factors that may affect performance.

Our bearing engineers and designers can tackle virtually any custom bearing project including:

Custom ball bearings

Custom roller bearings

Custom thrust bearings


Aircraft (Jet fighters, Helicopters, UAVs, Airlift & Cargo, Commercial)

landing wheels

navigation, target acquisition pods

counter measure systems

mast, swash plate and gearbox bearings

propulsion and control systems

refueling booms, wenches, APUs


missile defense

gun mounts

sonar, radar, and communication

carrier elevator and arresters

Ground combat and security vehicles


target & sighting systems




guidance & propulsion systems

missile launchers

gun mounts and ammunition loaders



space station



Radar (fixed and mobile)

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