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Dental Drill Bearing

 Dental Drill Bearings
Dental drill is a small, high speed drill used to remove decay and shape tooth structure or root canals. The bearing is a key part for dental drills. Modern dental drills can rotate at up to 400,000 rpm, which is really a challenge for the bearings.
Monton design and manufacture bearings for different brand of dental drills, e.g. NSK, Siemens, Bein Air, and etc. Monton use high quality stainless steel (9Cr18) or ceramic (Si3N4) as the bearing material, which enables the bearings to be washable and wearable. Special self-lubricated bearing cage is also used for WD dental drill bearings. With the Monton manufacturing technology, the lifetime of  Montondental drill bearings can reach up to 6 months. It will significantly reduce the cost of bearings and create more value for customers.
The Dentist Dental Dental bearing is a special mobile phone bearing. Company production of dental drill bearing inner and outer rings through refining stainless steel (9Gr18) materials; ball by refining stainless steel (9Gr18) or non-metal super hard Si3N4 materials with good wear resistance; holder has the advantages of high strength, low friction with.
And a self lubrication performance of polyimide or 80 ~ 120 phenolic clamp cloth bakelite material, dental drill bearing in 200 ~ 250Kpa air pressure, speed up to 350000 ~ 400000rPm. Under normal condition, dental bearing working life for more than 6 months.
High speed dental cell phone bearing manufacturing accuracy in line with the national standard P4 level GB/T307.1-94 tolerance, can be applied to different types of dentists in the world.
With the development of medical technology, now the high-speed dental drill mobile phone with more design, but each kind of design include turbine, head, couplings, and a bit. In the turbine driven by the drill bit can reach maximum speed of 450 thousand revolutions per minute.
The drill bit is the most important part of the dental drill. It is short and highly durable, able to withstand very high RPM as well as the resulting high temperature. The air turbine engine is sandwiched between 2 high speed bearings and is wrapped in a bit, which is driven directly by a series of drive shafts and gears. The key factor to achieve high speed dental drill bearing. Therefore, the precision of the bearing, materials, structure, and the rolling body, channel and maintain the material on dental drill bearing performance has a direct impact. The supply of dental bearings are important for any dental and dental mobile phone manufacturers a reliable partner.
1 true 450000 RPM high speed
Dedicated P4 / ABEC 7 precision
Stainless steel (440 C) and ceramic ferrule (silicon nitride) ball
Compound fiber reinforced phenolic retainer
If the drill bit can reach very high speed, can reduce the pain of patients in the treatment of teeth. 45 thousand revolutions per minute is internationally recognized dental drill bearing can reach the highest speed can reach the requirement of bearing manufacturer in the world did not several, and strong bearing force is really one of them. In order to produce the highest quality of dental drill bearing, we did a lot of tests and experiments, up to now we have stable yield and quality bearings.
2 dedicated ABEC7 P4 bearing precision:
In addition to 450000 rpm, it is another important factor to measure a bearing manufacturer's ability to achieve ABEC7 P4 bearing accuracy. Although many factories in their products marked P4/ ABEC7 precision, but once you find the use of these bearings can be easily them and not the degree of accuracy and the accuracy grade of most of these counterfeit bearings only ABEC3. This is part of the dental bearing special low price.
But the low quality of the dental bearing will greatly hurt the drill and mobile phone equipment. According to statistics, more than 60% of the bearing market is flooded with fake bearings. Due to the limitation of materials and manufacturing technology, the rigidity of these low end bearings can not meet the national standard, which will shorten the service life of the instrument, and cause damage to other parts. The gap between different ABEC accuracy levels may also lead to assembly difficulties, or even scrap the entire device. Intense bearing has become the country's leading micro bearing manufacturers, and truly achieve the ABEC7 P4 level, and even individual models can reach ABEC9 P2.
3 stainless steel (440 C) and ceramic ferrule (silicon nitride) ball material:
These rings can drill bearing made of stainless steel (9Gr18), and the rolling of the material is a silicon nitride ceramic ball. The selection of high quality raw materials significantly improved the durability of the bearing and speed, so as to ensure the overall performance of the dental drill bearing.
4 composite fiber reinforced phenolic retainer:
100% focus on the details of each bearing product quality. Compound fiber reinforced phenolic retainer has been treated by a rigorous and complex chemical process. To ensure that the bearing can be under the maximum 450 thousand speed of about 18 months of operating life, and the whole process of the rotation is low noise, low vibration. Because of the chemical oil immersed in a retainer, so these dental bearing with self lubrication function good.
Mobile phone maintenance drill bearing
1 clean exterior surface of the nose.
2 insert drill chuck.
3 according to the following steps to clear the phone inside the head:
A. spray cleaning for 1 to 2 seconds.
B. use paper towels to wipe the nose of debris and debris.
C. repeat the above 2 steps until completely clean.
D. dry nose surface of the liquid.
E. repeat the action until the surface is completely dry.
4 according to the manufacturer's instructions with mobile phone disinfection drill.
5 head cooling to room temperature.
6 drops of 2 drops of lubricating oil into the drive air pipe.
7 wipe off the excess oil.
8 wipe the outer surface.
9 now the drill can use mobile phone.
In order to guarantee high speed performance, dental bearing loading unit should add a certain axial load. Users in the installation and use should be careful operation and careful installation and maintenance, in order to avoid damage to the ball and channel, bearing pollution and improper lubrication will directly affect the performance index and service life. Our dental drill bearing products include: dental bearings, bearings for dental, dental handpiece bearings, dental bearings, dental handpiece Peilin, high-speed bearings, bearing phone bur bearing.
DR21B sr144tIKZN SR144TL
Bearing Designation Bore Diameter(d) Outer Diameter (D) Width(b) Load Rating Cr(N) Load Rating Cor(N) Max. Speed(1000rpm) Weight (g)
steel shields rubber
mm in mm in mm in Grease Oil
R1-4ZZ R1-4 2RS 1.984 5/64" 6.35 1/4" 3.571 0.14 284 96 70 80 0.4
R133ZZ R133 2RS 2.38 3/32" 4.762 3/16" 2.38 3/32" 144 53 85 95 0.1
R1-5ZZ R1-5 2RS 7.938 5/16" 3.571 0.14 552 176 61 71 0.6
R144ZZ R144 2RS 3.175 1/8" 6.35 1/4" 2.779 0.1094" 284 96 70 80 0.27
R2-5ZZ R2-5 2RS 7.938 5/16" 3.571 0.14 558 180 57 67 0.5
R2-6ZZ R2-6 2RS 9.525 3/8" 3.571 0.14 640 227 53 63 0.96
R2ZZ R2 2RS 9.525 3/8" 3.967 5/32" 631 219 57 67 1.04
R2AZZ R2A 2RS 12.7 1/2" 4.366 0.1720" 640 227 53 63 3.3
R155ZZ R155 2RS 3.967 5/32" 7.938 5/16" 3.175 1/8" 359 150 53 63 0.51
R156ZZ R156 2RS 4.762 3/16" 7.938 5/16" 3.175 1/8" 359 150 53 63 0.4
R166ZZ R166 2RS 9.525 3/8" 3.175 1/8" 709 272 50 60 0.81
R3ZZ R3 2RS 12.7 1/2" 4.978 0.1961" 1301 488 43 53 2.21
R3AZZ R3A 2RS 15.875 5/8" 4.978 0.1961" 1480 621 35 45 45
1601ZZ 1601 2RS 17.462 11/16" 6.35 1/4" 1510 720     4.75
R168ZZ R168 2RS 6.35 1/4" 9.525 3/8" 3.175 1/8" 373 172 46 56 0.57
R188ZZ R188 2RS 12.7 1/2" 4.762 3/16" 1082 442 40 50 1.6
R4ZZ R4 2RS 15.875 5/8" 4.978 0.1961" 1480 621 35 45 4.46
R4AZZ R4A 2RS 19.05 3/4" 7.144 9/32" 2336 896 33 43 7.48
1602ZZ 1602 2RS 17.462 11/16" 6.35 1/4" 1510 720     6
R1810ZZ R1810 2RS 7.938 5/16" 12.7 1/2" 3.967 5/32" 542 276 38 48 1.39
1603ZZ 1603 2RS 22.225 7/8" 7.144 9/32" 2540 1340     10
1605ZZ 1605 2RS 23.019 29/32" 7.938 5/16" 2540 1340     12
R6ZZ R6 2RS 9.525 3/8" 22.225 7/8" 7.144 9/32" 3332 1422 28 38 9.02
R1038ZZ R1038 2RS 15.875 5/8" 3.967 5/32" 815 411 21 31 2.71
1604ZZ 1604 2RS 22.225 7/8" 7.144 9/32" 2540 1340     15
1606ZZ 1606 2RS 23.019 29/32" 7.938 5/16" 2540 1340     14
1614ZZ 1614 2RS 28.575 1-1/8" 9.525 3/8" 3920 2240     35