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Tungsten Carbide Insert Tile Bearings TC bearings

Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearing is used as antifriction bearing for downhole motor. We have three different types from size 54 to size 286 for your choice (a total of 14 size). Besides, we can design and manufacture related TC bearings according to the specification of customers'.




High strength,long life inserted cemented carbide radial bearing is a proprietary product of our company (the largest and earliest company to manufacture radial bearings). Cemented carbide and special welding materials and cemented carbide additives regularly placed on the inner and outer surfaces of the radial bearing are fused with the based of the radial bearing through specific sinter processing. Its friction pair is featured by corrosion resistance, shock resistance, heavy load bearing and long life, and its appearance quality and technical indicators are superior than the similar products of other countries.




Expandable Liner Hanger

Radial bearing

  Expandable liner hanger is one kind of the application of expandable pipe technology in liner hanging. The technological principle of expandable liner hanger is different from slip type liner hanger. Using hydraulic or mechanical forces, the expansion cone pressurize expansion pipe inner of the upper casing pipe to form reliable sealing and support hanging weight of liner pipes. Compared with conventional hanger, the expandable liner hanger has a larger drift diameter, reliable annulus seal, large hang force and rotation ability, which is suitable for the lateral well, deviational well, horizontal well, deep well, extra-deep well, HTHP well and H2S well. It has an extensive market potential with great prospect.


Model parent casing specifications OD Drift

Rated load


Seal pressure



OD Wall hickness ID
mm mm mm mm mm kN MPa MPa

PZXG 140×89

PZXG 140×102

140 9.17 121.4 114 88 300 ≤35 ≥25
7.72 124.3
6.99 125.7




178 13.72 150.4 146 100-124 500-1500 ≤30 ≥25
12.65 152.5
11.51 154.8
10.36 157.1 150
9.19 159.4
8.05 161.7




245 13.84 216.8 200 124-177 800-2000 ≤25 ≥25
11.99 220.5
11.05 222.4
10.03 224.4 210
8.94 226.6
7.92 228.6


1.Large drift diameterFeatures


3.Metal annulus seal

4.Safe releasing tools

5.Good compatibility of tools

6.Adjustable hanging force

7.Strong manipulability, capable of lifting, lowering, rotation and circula tion during drilling

8.Simple and novel structure

9.Safe and reliable process

Scope of Application

1.Vertical, inclined and horizontal wells: It can be suspended at any inclination between 00 and 900.

2.Deep, super-deep well : Lifting, lowering, rotation and circulation operations can be performed during tripping in to ensure proper installation of liner at the bottom .Hydraulic and mechanical forces can be used jointly to ensure proper expansion and installation of the hanger. Safely disposable in case of emergency.

3.HTHP wells : Metallic annulus sealing: sealling pressure: 35MPa. Operating temperature: 350 C.Service life: 20 years.

4.H2S-containing wells:H2S-proof expansion pipe and annulus sealing materials.

Historical Achievements

This technologγ has been used over one hundred sets succuessfullγ, and received the custo1er high praise

1) Highly resistant to abrasion, erosion, corrosion, and mechanical failure
2) Extremely resistant to chipping, cracking, and flaking which are inherent problems in cladding or welded overlay processes
3) High heat conductivity eliminates thermal cracking
4) Proprietary design eliminates catastrophic downhole radial bearing failure
5) Carbide tile and matrix design ensures extended life compared to cladding or welded overlay designs
6) Inner and outer components can be reconditioned.
7) The hardness of body surface can reach 30-37 HRC.

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