BTR angular contact ball bearing

  BAR series high speed angular contact ball bearings
    For the main spindles of machine tools, good high speed performance and high rigidity are required for the ball bearings used in
combination with double-row cylindrical roller bearings. For these applications, to allow selection appropriate for the characteristics
of the machine, monton provides three types of bearings.
All these bearings have special outer ring outside diameter tolerances (P4A Class and P2A Class) to provide clearance between the
outer ring periphery and housing bore in order to avoid any load. monton’s ROBUST series high-speed angular contact thrust ball
bearings are capable of high-speed operations while maintaining high rigidity. Ball diameter and number of balls are the same as
TAC type bearings. BTR type bearings have a 40° contact angle, and BAR type bearings have a 30° contact angle. The result is
superior high-speed performance that minimizes heat generation.
    Customers can easily replace their TAC20X series bearings with  BAR type or BTR type bearings without having to change
the shaft or housing of the machine tool spindle. Both types of bearings have unique width dimensions that accommodate a new
spacer (D), which replaces the older one (C) (see Fig. 3.1).
Contact Angle
     For the differing contact angles, TAC type bearings rank highest in levels of rigidity, closely followed by BTR type bearings, with BAR
type bearings coming in last. For temperature rise of the outer ring, however, this ranking is reversed with BAR type bearings having
the highest tolerance, followed by BTR type bearings, and finally TAC type bearings with the least tolerance.
Be sure to select the product that will best meet the needs of your specific operating conditions.