Customized Bearing

Special Dimension Bearings and Customized Bearings

We can supply special bearings of all types including those with integral shafts that help reduce the tolerance buildup of mating components. Our engineers have designed bearings in a variety of configurations, special geometry, advanced lubrication, and high tech materials.

We can also provide precision assemblies manufactured to our customers' specific requirements. Other special bearings too numerous to catalog can be supplied such as:

Wire guide bearings with a radius (U Groove Bearings) or V grooves (V Groove Bearings) on the outer diameter

Bearings with split inner or split outer race (to control axial movement)

Spherical outer diameter bearings

Gyroscope quality bearings

Full ball complement bearings

Flush ground bearing pairs

Custom Bearings

Since we provide only precision devices and related products, we are truly the precision bearing experts. Our team of design engineers and specialists offers more than a century of combined expertise.

We'll be happy to come to your facilities. We invite you to visit ours. Together we can create cost-efficient solutions to your most demanding specs, often with tolerances measured in millionths of an inch.

Our technical laboratory is equipped with the most up-to-date precision instruments and computerized equipment to evaluate bearing applications quickly and effectively. 

Our bearing engineers and designers can tackle virtually any custom bearing examples:

Split Bearings: radial and thrust bearings split to facilitate practical equipment assembly and service.

Track Wheels: single flanged, double flanged or straight face for conveyor, chock wheels, etc.

Bearings specially designed and manufactured to operate in extreme temperatures.

Spherical Plain Bearings that accommodate heavy loads and misalignment.

Ladder Bearings and Ball Bushings to accommodate linear loads.

Bring us your bearing problems; we can help.

Spherical Plain Bearings

Spherical Plain Bearing ServicesThese bearings are very common in much smaller sizes, and are used in automobiles and many types of equipment. The 8.0 inch bore bearing to the right allows radial and axial forces to be transmitted as well as free rotation without imposing a bending moment on its shaft. The two components of this example have been made with hard steel on hard steel, while other versions for other applications employ one component made from bearing bronze.

Split Bearings

Split Bearing ServicesThe most common reason for employing a split bearing is to simplify the removal and replacement of its predecessor after its service time has expired. Cylindrical roller bearings are most commonly split, and are typically used in applications where the shaft has a shoulder on one side of the bearing and another component, such as a gear, coupling, etc. mounted on the other side. The old split bearing is unbolted and the halves are lifted off.  The process is then reversed to install the new bearing. Smaller split bearings like the one shown are used on caster rolls. Larger size split bearings can be found on very long drive shafts on the order of 600mm and act as “center support” bearings.

Combined Radial / Thrust Bearings

Combined Radial Thrust BearingsThese bearings take advantage of limited space by allowing one race to perform the dual functions of a radial race and a thrust race. The amount of each load and the shaft speed need to be known in order to optimize the radial and thrust capacities of each part of the bearing for optimal service life.

Self-Aligning Cylindrical

Self-Aligning Cylindrical ServicesThis type of bearing uses a conventionally designed cylindrical roller bearing with a spherical O.D. that fits inside an outer sleeve with a spherical I.D. allowing misalignment to occur without adversely affecting the rolling elements. When a straight inner race is used, axial shaft expansion is easily accommodated by the ground and lubricated surfaces. This is a much more reliable method of allowing axial expansion than trying to make an outer race O.D. slide in a dry machined housing bore.

Extra Large Bearings

Extra Large Roller BearingsWhen a very large bearing for a piece of equipment is needed and no standard bearing exists, the equipment manufacturer will work with a bearing manufacturer to create a special bearing for his application. The various types of bearings found in this catalog can all be made as extra large bearings. We've even manufactured a combined radial/thrust bearing as an extra large.

Crossed Roller Bearing

Crossed Roller BearingThis bearing design offers its users a single bearing with a compact envelope that can accommodate radial, thrust and moment loading. The original application of a crossed roller, or “X” bearing, was that of replacing two radial bearings and a thrust bearing in a “kingpost” arrangement. When selecting a crossed roller bearing for an application, it is recommended that you contact American Roller Bearing so our engineering department can evaluate the arrangement with its anticipated loads and speeds. Large size crossed roller bearings are often supplied with inner race and outer race bolt holes for mounting and with seals.

High Temperature Bearings

High Temperature BearingsWith rollers made from a tough, heat resistant tool steel, this type of bearing is capable of withstanding very high temperatures, some up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. Operation is either intermittent or of a short duration as there are no suitable lubricants available for such high temperatures. For much lower temperatures, up to 400 deg. F, special heat treating processes and various stainless steel alloys are used.

Eccentric Outer Race Bearing

Eccentric Outer Race BearingThe purpose of this special outer race feature is to allow the radial adjustments by turning the bearing’s outer race in its housing. Usually used as a rollneck bearing, with two per roll, the adjustability allows a precise radial gap to be created with parallel roll bodies.


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